Stitcharama curates folk art patterns from around the world, connecting us to our worldwide family through the simple art of crafting.

Our Artist Partners receive a royalty from every sale of their patterns, creating a new source of income  for them while celebrating & honoring their cultural heritage.

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Our Stitched Shared History

jenn_stitcharamapicHi there!  I’m Jenn Sturiale, founder of Stitcharama. I wrote a long blog post about the full Stitcharama story and my connection to craft – you can read it here!

I come from a long line of fiber artisans. You do, too! Just one or three generations back many of our ancestors embroidered tablecloths and knit hats for their families. It’s just how life was: some goods were store-bought but many items were handmade.

I trace my own family roots through two very different paths: one from Sicily the other from Eastern Europe. I’m lucky to still have family heirlooms handmade by my crafty ancestors but even if you don’t – we are all are descended from people who stitched their stories into the fabric in their lap… those stitches run deep!

  • Your people are your tribe

    Maybe you cook over the same fire that sustained your ancestors for thousands of years, or perhaps you’re descended from a gypsy caravan sparked by one rogue great-great-great grandmother who knew she needed to cross an ocean and walk the width of a continent to find her true home.

  • Across the millennia

    Your kinfolk stitched beautiful designs onto fabric, wove rugs, knit sweaters, and slept their whole lives under hand-quilted comforters. These patterns are woven into your DNA, the invisible threads connecting you to your tribe, and your tribe to mine.

  • Here, you’re home

    Explore the folk art patterns from your own ancestors or weave a connection with a new tribe. Spin your yarns into stories and your stories into treasures. Stitch by stitch, Stitcharama connects the world.

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