About Stitcharama

About Stitcharama 2018-02-23T04:12:25+00:00

Slow down, unplug, breathe, stitch, repeat…

because handmade is heartmade.


Hi! I’m Jenn Sturiale, founder of Stitcharama, the Modern Embroidery Pattern Marketplace.

As a lifelong crafter, I came to hand embroidery late – learned in my mid-twenties from the interwebs.

But just two or three generations back, my people (and yours!) were all stitching beautiful patterns onto cloth – napkins, tablecloths, dresses – their handiwork literally creating the fabric of their lives.

These days, embroidery is a gratifying way to unwind, unplug and de-stress, while helping us rediscover the calm and joy of making beautiful things by hand.

Stitcharama is getting the world stitching again, one awesome pattern at a time! Our in-house designs + amazing artist partnerships inspire patterns that are fun to stitch, whether you’re a beginner or have been embroidering for years.

I’d love to connect and hear your story – because stitching our stories together connects the world! Reach out and say hi on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | email

– Jenn

PS – if there’s a design you’d like to see, get in touch – you just might inspire our next pattern!