Ever head to your local craft store looking for awesome embroidery patterns to stitch… only to find the dreaded old-timey “cats in baskets wearing bonnets” transfers? Yup, me, too. But, there’s so much cool, modern embroidery happening these days – where are all of those fun patterns hiding?

… and that’s exactly why I started Stitcharama.  I believe embroidery is cool, super-satisfying and easy to learn, and I want to share that with the world!  And it’s especially over-the-moon awesome when you’re stitching patterns you love, so I’m constantly adding new patterns to the shop just for you.

From our amazing iron-on transfers to our PDF downloads – and our own  designs to amazing artist partnerships – I hope you find your next project right here. 

Oh, and if there’s a design you’d like to see, get in touch – you just might inspire our next pattern!

– Jenn Sturiale, Founder

I wanna see the patterns!