About Stitcharama

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Slow down, unplug, breathe, stitch, repeat…

because handmade is heartmade.


Mexico, 2011: Inspired by the gorgeous hand-embroidered textiles found throughout the country she was living in – not only as decorative items in shops, but as everyday napkins, tablecloths and tortilla-covers – founder Jenn Sturiale was inspired to infuse a new perspective on this timeless craft.

Stitcharama was born of this love for slow stitching, and the satisfaction that comes from the act of hand-making. And in these fast  times, this meditative craft can help us slow down, finding peace and joy from deep inside.

Infusing a fresh, modern aesthetic into our line of awesome embroidery patterns, we help you stitch what you love, and love what you stitch! From cacti to elephants, florals to unicorns, and spiritual to astrological, our ever-expanding catalog brings the hottest design trends into your hands.

And our Magical Iron-On Embroidery Transfers make it as easy as 1-2-3: simply heat your iron, press the transfer, and start stitching!

We’d love to connect and hear your story – because stitching our stories together connects the world! Reach out and say hi on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | email

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