Perhaps you’re an embroidery fanatic… or, you might think you maaaaybe want to try it (one day)… or maybe you’ve never stitched a stitch in your life and have no idea what all the hulabaloo is about!  Well, all three of you have come to the right place. Welcome to Stitcharama!

At its most basic, embroidery is simply adding decorative yarn and threads onto existing surfaces.  Stitching lines onto pillows, or a design on a tote bag or jean jacket are all easy ways to add a bit of color and personality to the goods we own.

Embroidery is:

  • Easy (to learn the basics)
  • Inexpensive (to get started)
  • Portable (so you can put down your phone and pick up a project anywhere)
  • Beautiful!

But, why bother?

In our current age of affordable home decor and fast fashion, the truth is… we don’t really need to embroider at all.  We can easily buy imported embroidered goods at inexpensive retailers and boom: done.

And that is definitely the quicker way to go about it.

So… there must be something more to the whole embroidery thing, right?  Right.  Absolutely right!

The act of slowing down and hand-stitching something we don’t need, but want, is kind of revolutionary now.  When it’s easier to buy finished goods than to make them; when it’s hard to find the time in our busy lives to sit and work on an optional project; when many of us aren’t raised with craft skills but need to seek out teachers on our own… that’s where the heart takes over.  It’s not about speed or efficiency.  It’s about presence, mindfulness and the satisfaction of simply creating.  When much of our culture is pre-designed for us, there’s an unbelievable feeling of wholeness that comes from making something ourselves.

Here at Stitcharama, we’re creating the worlds’ biggest embroidery pattern marketplace – working with the most talented designers and selling their patterns at prices they set themselves (artists: join us!).  Our iron-on embroidery transfers make it easy to get started stitching, and our PDF digital downloads make it quick.  Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, in here we’re all family.  Welcome to Stitcharama!

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