How to Display Embroidery: 4 Ways

How to display embroidery

What to do with finished embroidery… is a question I’ve asked myself many, many times.  Sound famililar? You’ve just completed another gorgeous piece and are tickled with the sheer beauty of it… but are just not quite sure what to do with it now.

Sometimes we know exactly what future a bit of finished embroidery is destined for, but other times… its fate is unclear. Instead of sending it to the Island of Unclaimed Crafts, here are 4 easy ways to display your finished embroidery and show off your craftiness to the world:

  1. Display your finished embroidery in a hoop
    Quite possibly the simplest way to finish your work is to keep it right in the hoop you stitched in. Click here to read our post about this easy display method, complete with step-by-step pics.
    Pro tip: If you used a wood hoop, you can choose to remove the fabric and paint or wrap the hoop, then place your work back in (heart pattern available here):

  2. Finish your embroidery in a picture frame
    This method of finishing is a little more involved, simply because you need to first go and find a picture frame – yet still an easy-peasy way to give your finished work a professional look.  Wild Olive outlines the steps here:

    How to frame embroidery

    Photo credit: Wild Olive

    (PS: check out Wild Olive’s iron-on embroidery transfers in our shop!)

  3. Add your finished piece of embroidery onto a pillow
    Everyone loves throw pillows! And everyone needs more throw pillows.  Stitch your finished embroidery onto a throw pillow and now you’ve got a work of art sitting right there on your couch.

    What to do with finished embroidery

    Photo credit: Lindamade

    4. Add the finished embroidery to a tote bag
    Simply stitch your completed work onto a plain tote bag for an absolutely unique piece of functional artwork, or a gift they’ll never forget!

    How to finish embroidery

    Photo credit: The Sewing Loft Blog