Santa’s Favorite: Merry Christmas Embroidery Pattern!


stitcharama_merry_christmas_embroidery_patttern4It was Labor Day weekend, and we were at the Oregon Coast for our last hurrah. Me, my fella & pup, our stand-up paddleboard (and very thick wetsuits!) and… Stitcharama’s newest Christmas embroidery pattern!

To some, the combination of sun, sand and Christmas may seem like a strange combo, but we crafters know better.

The stitching starts NOW, friends, because I know I’m not the only one surprised by how quickly the winter holidays arrive. I always have the best of intentions – an endless list of lovely handmade crafts for every person on my list – and then out of NOWHERE it’s mid-December and Crafter’s Madness sets in.

I know you know what I mean.

Merry Christmas Embroidery PatternSo! This year will be different, for all of us!

Before Pumpkin Spice Season sets in, I resolve to get started on those handmade gifts I really do love to make.

The stitching, sewing, designing and crafting starts here and now, with my favorite new Santa Claus embroidery pattern. It’s going to make a great gift (maybe for myself, maybe for a loved one, we’ll just have to see about that).

Santa says, “Merry Christmas” while you stitch this easy & superfun Christmas embroidery pattern – keep it for yourself, or check off a box on your gifting list.

Santa + embroidery = a great combo, no matter what the calendar says!