New Embroidery Video Tutorials!

/New Embroidery Video Tutorials!

New Embroidery Video Tutorials!

You might have already guessed this, but I love embroidery. Love it!

As one of the most portable and versatile crafts, it’s so easy to work on at home or on the road. Whether I’m stitching up a pillow, bag or wall hanging, I just love knowing that it’ll brighten my life up every time I look at it.

And one of the BEST things about hand embroidery is how easy it is to learn the basics – it really is the people’s craft!

Like most embroiderers I know, I’m self-taught. Learning from friends, books and online videos, each new embroidery skill adds so much to my enjoyment of this wonderful craft.

And I want everyone to learn how to embroider! Every new technique we learn adds another texture and dimension to our work – whether it’s a new technique for finishing the back of a hoop, or a fancy new stitch to bring some pop & pizazz to the pattern.

I’m thrilled to officially announce the launch of the new Stitcharama YouTube channel! In 30-Second and 60-Second videos (because I know you’ve got a million things on your to-do list), I’ll cover the basics: from supplies to patterns, transferring techniques to fabrics and more. There are loads more videos in the works, so click the red “subscribe” button to be notified when new ones are published!

(PS – The videos all have a lovely home right here on Stitcharama, too)

Have a stitch or technique you want to learn? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list for upcoming episodes!

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